Belle bouche - Vapo 10 ml

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10 ml / Belle Bouche fights off garlic, smoking and alcoholic vapors emanating from Humans ! Belle Bouche is a natural salivant using active ingredients extracted from 100% pure essential oils or essences such as anise, caraway, cardomom, cinnamon, clove, coriander, fennel, mint and tea tree oil

Product Description

Improved Oral and Periodontal Hygiene ! Spray once in your mouth. Belle Bouche, a natural Salivant, using bactericide volatile oils, enhances the salivary gland response immediately releasing large amount of saliva in your mouth. To improve oral and periodontal hygiene, squirt the Belle-Bouche-Saliva mixture on gums and between your teeth. Keep salivating for as long as possible (2 minutes or more) and swallow this all natural mixture. It goes to work right away, neutralizing and killing millions of bacteria present in your mouth, larynx, pharynx and esophagus. Even after being swallowed, Belle Bouche keeps you salivating, ensuring a complete anti-bacterial action for hours to come. Its effectiveness promotes better oral and periodontal hygiene associated with immediate and long lasting ultra-fresh protection. A beneficial action on your digestion ! Every essential oil of this exclusive preparation has been selected for its specific beneficial action on the digestive process. As you swallow, Belle Bouche makes its way via the digestive system stimulating, cleansing and toning related digestive organs often responsible of chronic bad breath.



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